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When creating a shortcut for HABPanel or Main UI the app just creates a shortcut for the current URL. The app doesn’t really know if it’s a subpage and if so which one.

You could select the oh3 UI as default. If it’s not present, the app falls back to the sitemaps.

i don’t understand,

how is this url working? i think i could just open the url to a specific site in a tasker action, so so the OH app tries to open it?

With the “Launch app” action is Tasker you have to set “Action” to the appropriate action, e.g. org.openhab.habdroid.action.OH3_UI_SELECTED. Than you can set an extra to key subpage and value /#!/about/.
This should open the about page of the main UI .

Using the “Launch app”-Action in Tasker just gives me following options:

Here i can select an app with options or write down the package name myself:

My package name for the MainActivity is : org.openhab.habdroid.beta
Trying org.openhab.habdroid.action.OH3_UI_SELECTED gives me this error:

i can just specifiy a data-value, but no extra fields with key/value: Probably some syntax i don’t know could work here?

In the Intent Action i can specify extras but also don’t know the syntax to key/value pairs and can’t even start the app without any page:

I’m sorry for being silly and taking your time in this issue… :confused:

LG Jay

You have to select MainActivity, that’s right. I don’t use Tasker on my own, so I cannot really help you with this.

When using OH3 Standard Image Widgets the Image is shown with a “broken” Icon in the App.
On a Browser it Worms.
Is that a known issue?

Can you post the definition of this widget?

hey there, i really appreciate the tasker integration into habdroid. but it seems that profile triggers do not work on my side.
is there already a known issue on this topic or do i have to mind something particular in my setup to make it work? i tested both app versions.
when i activate a profile trigger my system does not behave as expected. so maybe this issue is not app related. but maybe you can give a hint where to start debugging.

Can you explain what you mean with “profile trigger”? Is this something that is part of Tasker?

yes thats the tasker part. you can select a trigger which will fire some actions through tasker. during selection you can choose an openhab item and a specific condition when to fire the trigger (on item update or if an item gets a specific value). i selected a switch for testing but on change the trigger is not fired.

Tasker cannot react on openHAB Item changes, if that’s what you mean. The plugin can only be used to send Item updates from Tasker to openHAB.

I was exploring this myself and was about to file an issue. If Tasker can’t use Item events then we shouldn’t be able to select openHAB as a State trigger in Tasker. I know it’s possible because some apps, e.g. Sleep as Android, do not appear in the list. I don’t know how Tasker plug-ins work though so all I can say is that is appears to be possible to keep it from showing up in menus where it can’t be used anyway.

Thanks for the hint. It should be fixed with Tasker: Don't declare plugin as condition by mueller-ma · Pull Request #2626 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

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In the OH app it is possible that statuses from the mobile phone to items are updated, e.g. alarm clock, battery, etc.
Wouldn’t it also be possible to send the GPS coordinates without an additional app?

And what would also be great, in the button (see picture) become blue when they are on.

That would be possible, it just hasn’t been implemented yet: Integrate Geofence-based Presence · Issue #343 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub
Geofence and GPS location isn’t exactly the same, but geofences can be implemented in a more battery friendly way.

That would require a permanent connection to the server, which doesn’t work on mobile devices.
Let’s see how Android 12 will make changes here: Android 11 power menu support - #18 by mueller-ma Maybe it’ll add a callback “now the tile is visible” and “now the tile isn’t visible anymore”. In that case the app could query the item state.

@rlkoshak Can you check if 2.17.7-beta fixes this issue?

Looks good. I no longer have an entry for openHAB under State triggers.


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Anyone else having issues with charts in 2.17.9-beta when using cloud connector?

I have a line chart that works perfectly with the current release (2.17.4) but not with the beta?

The chart just does not display.

Do you have this issue also on local connections?


No. Only on remote connection via using the beta version of the android app.