Android App Beta

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(Mueller Ma) #1

there has been quite much code refactoring since the last release of the app (2.0). Before a new version will be released, it would be great if some of you can download and install the apk and report bugs, if you spot them.


(Daniel Malmgren) #2

I tried and for me it doesn’t work at all. I get the choice of which sitemap to use (so it seems it can connect to my system and fetch the list of sitemaps) but then it just loads forever. Tried both http and https and also fiddled with encryption settings (I have “real” letsencrypt tls certificates). Ticked “Show debug messages” but I don’t know where the messages are displayed?

My server is running 2.2.0 stable. In front of it I have an Apache for authentication purposes.

Oh, just to be clear. This is on the 2.0.19-beta version of the app.

(Renan Muniz) #3

There are two apk files: openhab-android-foss.apk and openhab-android.apk. Which file should I install?

(Daniel Malmgren) #4

My asumption was thet the foss one is for hardcore open source folks and that the other one therefore contains something that is useful but that’s not open source. So I used the one without foss. But I’m just speculating, and since it didn’t work for me, maybe you should try the other one :wink:

(Hallo Ween) #5

Can i keep the stable habdroid installed and install the beta too?

(Mueller Ma) #6

openhab-android.apk is the apk which is distrubuted via play store and contains automatic crash reporting and libaries to receive push messages. Both are closed source and removed in the -foss (Free open source software) apk.

(Mueller Ma) #7

That’s currently not possible, but something I want to look into in the future.

(Hallo Ween) #8

And what about installing the foss version? Will this keep my stable habdroid install?

(Scott Rushworth) #9

Would it be possible to add this as a beta in the Play Store? It would save a lot of time, and be much easier to test subsequent beta updates.

(Mueller Ma) #10

If you have real certificates, you don’t need to enable “Ignore ssl cert” or “Ignore ssl hostname”.
“Show debug messages” means that some error messages contain more information.

Did you try to clear the app data via Android settings?

(Mueller Ma) #11

No, both have the same package name, so they cannot be installed at the same time.

(Mueller Ma) #12

There is a PR for automating beta releases in the play store, but don’t it needs to be tested, so don’t expect it happen soon:

(happenpappen) #13

Installed the non-foss version on two devices (Galaxy S8 with Oreo and Galaxy Tab S2 with Nougat). On the tablet the app worked right on, on the S8 it loaded an old address for the openhab server in the local settings. After changing this, it worked as well. The app shows “2.0.0 - 08.02.2018 13:24:35” as version string. Shouldn’t this start with “2.0.19…”?

Kind regards,


(Mueller Ma) #14 auto bumps the version name, so it should display the correct one, when this PR is merged.

(Daniel Malmgren) #15

Nope. Did that now and after that it seems to work well. Found no more problems to report :slight_smile:

(Michael Joos) #16

@mueller-ma Thanks, just downloaded and installed the apk. looks good so far. I have one issue that was already there in the previous versions: I’m using this camera binding together with openHAB latest snapshot:

Every time I leave the camera page on the app I get this error:

This only happens in the App. Browsers are OK.
The camera-binding is not yet an official binding in openHAB2. But maybe it’s now a good time to have a look into this?


(Mueller Ma) #17

@michaeljoos I think the best way to track this is to open an issue in

(Chris Colden) #18

Uninstalled the play version and installed beta 19 on an S8. Working great no problems here to report.

(Hallo Ween) #19

Will the new Playstore version automatically update this manually installed beta?

(Mueller Ma) #20

Both are signed with the same certificate, so an update should be possible.