Android App Beta

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(Ron) #61

Just installed vesion 2.3.3-beta. Looks quite nice, but unlike the ‘old’ openhab adroid app, it does not show my Grafana graphs presented with Webview in the sitemap.
What should I do different for this app to make the show up?

(Mueller Ma) #62

Is the connection to the graphs https? There’s an issue were self-signed certs are unsupported in webviews for now.

(Ron) #63

It is https but with LE certificate, not self-signed.

(Ole Morten Rønning) #64

I just noticed this as well. I’m using plain http://
Works in non beta App.

(Hallo Ween) #66

When i want to look at a chart inside openhab app beta, i always have to open the windows twice. At the first time, i only get a blank screen with no data inside the chart. After i close the chart and open it again, i can see the chart. Same is, when i want to change the visible time period. I have to change the time period, then leave the chart and then enter it again, then i get the chart.

In former version, it worked without any issue. But this bad behavior is since a long time now.

I use rrd4j for most of my graphs.

I´m on latest openhab app beta and latest openhab2.5 snapshot.

Any idea?

(Mueller Ma) #67


The fix is on its way :slight_smile:

(Hallo Ween) #68

Is there a way to report the battery state of the android phone to openhab or would this be possible?

Maybe in a future version?

(Mueller Ma) #69

Currently @maniac103 and I are adding a framework to the app that allows sending device information to the server:
The first feature that uses this framework is sending the alarm clock time. New features need to be added to the source code, but it’s quite easy to add them.
I was thinking of:

  • Battery state
  • Wi-Fi SSID (can be used for presence detection)
  • Switch item on if receiving a phone call
  • Number and name of caller
  • Last SMS

Please note, that this feature isn’t ready yet and it might take some time until it’s in the stable version. Google might add new restrictions with any new Android version, so things might brake in the future.

(Hallo Ween) #70

Can you tell me, how i can display habpanel on the beta app? When i press the habpanel button. I only get a blank screen.

(Mueller Ma) #71

You’re probably connected over https with an invalid certificate:

(Hallo Ween) #72

I’m in my local network, only http, no certificate, no username/password.

Strange. Tried again and now it works…

(Scott Rushworth) #73

Is there any posibility to have the app switch to landscape mode when viewing Habpanel? I don’t autorotate, and all of my panels are setup for a wide format. Having Habpanel in the app is awesome!

(Mueller Ma) #74

IMO it’s better not to add an option only for the people that have autorotate disabled and their habpanel for the wide format.