[Android App] [ClassicUI] Icon is missing

Hello folks,

I updated my OH2-Snapshot-Version from #1039 to #1143. EVERYTHING was running fine till I updated.

Now an icon is missing (or is not displayed) in ClassicUI and “Android App”.



And also it is not shown here anymore:

Links to Docs --> Iconsets

And there are a lot of question marks, too! Does it mean, they are not supported anymore?

When was it changed and why?

Maybe I better should switch to: time-on.png ?

I had already filed an issue for that in ESH, but i don’t know what the current state is.

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OK, in documentation the icons are missing. I do not care.

but in my .sitemap

icon=“clock” isn’t running anymore

and in .items

<clock> isn't running anymore.

Maybe there are other icons not supported anymore? When and why was it changed?

here is the reason:

and here:


Very interesting! :wink:

So I have to check my .sitemap and my .items for “expired icons”…

here are my results:

old name                   new name
climate.png                snow.png
clock.png                  time.png

Maybe there are even more?

The current icons you can find here: icons

Is it possible to get your own icons visible in the Android & iOS app? I mean for me essential icons like “Kodi”, “iPhone”, “Netflix” etc. are missing…

Like this?

This should work, when you put them in the icons/classic folder from your configuration.

They have to be available in the format you configured the app to use.
I have not all of them in svg format now, so I switched to the PNG setting in the app for now.

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Thanks, that helps! I need to set the icon type :slight_smile: