Android APP, missing sitemap

My android app is missing a sitemap, I have 2 sitemaps showing in habmin home & home. the first “home” is the sitemap from etc/openhab2/sitemap, this one shows up on the Android APP, but doesn’t display in classic or basic UI, or control in paper UI. the second “home” is the one from paper UI, this doesn’t show up on the Android APP, but does show up in classic & basic UI, and control in paper UI.

At one time you could switch from “home” to “home” in the Android APP, by hitting the 3 lines in the top left corner, i am not sure when this changed, as i didn’t use the other sitemap from the app, but now i would like to and it is not there.

I have a second raspberry PI, that i did a complete new install on, and got the same results.

Am i doing something wrong?


If you have different sitemaps showing up when initially loading the android app or BasicUI you have set them up differently for those devices and you should have at least two sitemap files. If not you migth be referencing the built-in default sitemap as one of your “home” sitemaps.

The built-in sitemap “Home” isn’t shown in the Android app as most users were confused what this is. Switching sitemaps during regular usage isn’t intended thus not supported by Basic UI. If you want to use the default “Home” sitemap you need to add the items from this sitemap to your custom sitemap and select this sitemap as default: http://openhab/paperui/index.html#/configuration/services?tab=ui

thanks, I added some items to a sitemap, and created another sitemap, worked good.