Android App Notifications for 2nd OH instance


I have two OH instances (home and weekend house) connected to Android App v 3.7.0.

On other phones i have still two apps beta and clasic. And one instance is on each app, notifications work fine on both for home and remote OH.

In this new app installed on Samsung w Android 13 i recive notifications only ftom first OH instance. Also in notifications settings of android i see only severity entries from first instance.

What can be done to fix notifications for second OH instance that is connected to the app also via myopenhab but it is not recivong notifications on this app v 3.7.

It is odd that the samsung phone with app 3.7 dosn’t show up on my openhab device list.
But i am connected to myopenhab on that phone with that account. It is rhe only account and app loads sitemap fine, also in the notifications menu i see notification log of second instance but it never pushes notifications to ring for second instance.
Odd as it works half way but not properly.

I seen in help of the app that push notifications are not supported for second instance.

How can i get two OH apps installed on Android 13 as there is no more of beta version.

Help appriciated.


Looks like noone in comunity is active on this type of topic.

I found one temporary solution, if i include OH app into Private Space it creates another instance of the app and i can configure it diferentlly.
Now i have that second app just for notifications of second OH instance.
The samsung phone now showed up under devices and notification subscription suceeded in the app.
Only drawback of this solution is that i may not get notifications if i dont login to samsung private space after reboot of my phone.

Update after testing:
Seems like now both apps the main and one in private space recive notification from the second OH as it got registered om myopenhab with this same device, interesting effect.

What is preventing the single app from beenigable to subscribe to two accounts for notificationsby itself? As with some presuasion it works.

Hope it helsps someone

Google removed the beta version from the Play Store. You can still download it from GitHub: Releases · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

Notifications currently only work with the primary server. Someone needs to implement support for secondary servers as well…

Why google doesnt like beta version?
Thanks for github link.

The interesting thing is that now notifications work for second server in the main app, only notification subscribtion was mising, that it only succeded by logging in from app in private space on same device, now notifications come into both apps.

As notification log was available for second server before this hack, the app seems to have all it needs to show notifications for more servers, only the severity entries get mixed in notify settings. Second my openhab server didn’t show this device under devices tab until this nice hack.

I am happy that the trick worked better than intended.

The said that the content of the beta version is too similar to the stable version and thus removed it.

Glad to hear that your workaround worked for you :+1: