Android App Remoteaccess

Hello, I use Openhab for some years now at my home. And also the android app.
Today i changed my settings in the app. I always use for both local and remote
http:// , now I can not use for http:// for remote. I dont want https.//.
Now the app force me for that. I think that not good. It is my thing what i do secure or not secure.
How can i get or change the settings in the app . Because the actual app use the old settings http://
I where can get the old app where i can use the http:// for remote.
I dont what cloudconnector or other things betwen that.

Most all modern browsers are forcing https anyway now. Google and Chrome made the decision for everybody else. :frowning:

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You can file a feature request on the android app. See How to file an Issue.

But I wouldn’t expect much of a response. Best practice is to be secure by default. You will have to make a very compelling case for why this should be allowed. I personally can’t think of a single reason why this would in any way be a good idea.


Forcing the user to use https is a good and quite simple way to gain a lot of security: encryption by the cost of entering one letter.

If you really want to use an unencrypted connection on the public internet, feel free to fork the app and revert

I cannot think of a reason as well, especially since the openHAB server offers https on Port 8443 by default.

Actually they don’t force you to https, but they discourage http. And that’s awesome :slight_smile:

The docs has a chapter about Let’s encrypt: