Android App RGB Not updating Light

I noticed today that in the Android App I can not ‘continously’ update a RGB light via the colorwheel. It seems that the first change is made, but then any 2nd or further change does not take affect. To make a 2nd change, I need to close the color wheel and then re-open it.

As an example, open the colorwheel and change bulb to red color. The light changes correctly. But if I try to then adjust the light to another color, dim it, etc, nothing occurs. I need to close the color wheel and reopen to apply a change.

At first I thought it was just me trying with a zigbee bulb and binding. But then also tried with bulbs connected to Hue and same result.

And I did note that I can make changes with no problem via the BasicUI or Classic UI. Thus, think it related to just the Android App?

Canone else possibly confirm? Open up your android App, change light color and then try and spin the color wheel a 2nd time and see if works?

Which version are you using. The behavior of the color wheel was changed in 2.2.6.

My Android App shows version 2.2.0

But I don’t see any update available for it to go to 2.2.6. Was that pushed out as an update on the Android Market yet?

It’s available via the beta channel:


Upgrading to the Beta app fixed that issue and changing colors, etc works well.

I do still wish there was to show the color wheel similar to how Hue does there app. More of color ‘disk’ to slide around chose a color. But the wheel works just as good.

Can you post a screenshot of the hue app?

Here’s 2 screen shots of what the Hue app sort of looks like. IMO, there’s is probably the best when it comes to grouping and controlling lights. OH2’s app is more than just lights though.

Let me explain a little of what your looking at. This a screenshot of my Family room which has 6 Hue lights in it.

The image on the left shows all 6 bulbs in green shade where you can move it around the color ‘disk’. Also when you move the color, the top also turn the same color. And then there is a slider at the top to adjust the brightness also tells you percent of brightness you are at when using that slider.

The image on the right is separating the 6 bulbs where you can drag each light around separately to whatever color you choose. Also, on the image on the right, you can see 4 bulbs are set to a color and then 2 bulbs were set to (warm) white shade. You can press each ‘button’ at the top right to move between the color disk and white disk.