Android App Setpoints not showing values

Everything about the setpoints work fine, I can adjust them with the arrows or click on them and use the wheel or type in the number, but it just doesn’t show the value unless you click on the item. Is there something I am missing to make it show the values?

You have to add a state description for the item that’s being displayed. There are two ways to do this.

1. Add metadata to the item

Go to the item in Main UI, then click “Add metadata”. It’s the first thing in the list:


All you need to add is a pattern:


If your item is a Number:Temperature type, then I suggest using %.1f%unit% to display one decimal and the unit of measurement.

2. Edit the item’s label in the sitemap

You can also add the state description to the label using [] brackets:


I recommend adding the metadata to the item, not to the sitemap, so that the item’s state will be consistent in both Main UI and your sitemap. The state description metadata was only added in OH3. Before that, we were always adding it to the labels (both in item files and sitemap files).

On a side note, the Android app just shows you your HTML sitemap in a webview with a few mobile-friendly additions (like the popup window to scroll/type the setpoint). So, this isn’t actually an Android-specific question, as it will also affect your sitemap when you view it in a web browser.

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Perfect, thank you! Sorry about the wrong category, it appeared to be functioning in the basic ui when I checked it within visual studio, so I assumed it must just be something with the app!

No worries, it’s a perfectly reasonable assumption.