Android app widgets? (Feature request)

To whom it may concern:

Are there any plans to develop more widgets for the android app with which you can control light switches, etc?


Actually there are “only” icons, no widgets, and there are a lot of them:

Thanks for your answer but i’m not sure if this is related. I was referring to widgets running on the mobile phone screen. like the voice command widget the current OpenHAB app has…

No, it’s not :grinning:
I just misunderstood your question …


In combination with tasker you can create control-elements as notifications or Quick-Setting-Tiles - even individual widgets.

It’s a little more handcraft but works great for me!

Oh wow! Thanks for the tip Michael. Looks very nice. Will try it out.

I know I would love it and I’m sure the community would benefit if you wrote something in Tutorials and Examples for how you are using Tasker. In particular, I’ve used Tasker since it was beta and am a heavy user of the Auto plugins, but have to admit I’ve yet to figure out AutoNotification.


+1 :+1:

I just wanted to add that built-in Tasker integration would be also very desirable for many community members :slight_smile:
I wish I knew Android development more (and had more time!). Maybe someone is willing to try?

I have a repository where I actually attempted to write some code for it :wink: In the issue above I’ve also linked resources on how to integrate Tasker with the app. So all we need it someone who’s willing to share his expertise.

I just startet to develop a persistence / binding / action between openHAB and Tasker:!AgT4rZCN46Xtn2d8K53VcfZE9ZLv
(I’ve never worked with java before, so I just startet with the idea)

My first try of a working persistence is running for me at home:
openHAB-Variables were persisted to tasker-variables.

I started with a copy of the sense-persistence at
I called it autoremote-persistence as the autoremote-plugin

If it’s a little step further I would would appreciate to get more help from people who are better java coders than me…


Just wanted to add that I’m using Automate, a free Tasker alternative on my tablet. I found it very capable. There’s a limit of the number of “blocks” running simultaneously then you have to buy the premium version (I didn’t reach the limit though). A good thing is, there are no ads even in the free version.

My needs were quite simple, I just wanted widgets on my home screen which the Android app doesn’t offer. I have configured it to send POST requests to the API like this:

Request URL: http://openhab:8080/rest/items/Scene_General
Method: POST
Request Content Type: Text
Request Content: 4 (or whatever)

Then this allowed me to add the following widgets:

It can do notifications and quick settings too (among other things, I might try out the location or wiki block on my phone for presence detection):


This would be nice to post as a new thread under examples so new users can find it more easily.

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Will do.

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Home screen widgets have been implemented in 2.8.14-beta.

Version 2.13.5-beta of the app will have support for up to 12 custom tiles in the quick settings.


That’s very nice! Is it possible, that the Tile represents the current state of the item?