Android/IOS App Automatically Login to OpenHAB Instance (MainUI) Through OpenHABCloud


I looked at both Android and IOS apps but i couldn’t find settings to let me login to the OpenHab instance. The most i can see is on Android App that allow user to fill in API Token (generated by openhab instance) into username field, but i need that field for OpenHabCloud credential. Otherwise, please advise me how to do it.


Hi! I don’t have recollection of this being that hard. Check my screenshots. It’s the iOS app but I’m pretty sure that it’s the same:

  1. settings menu

  2. access local instance and remote

Your screenshots only get you through openhabcloud through remoteURL with username and password. My question is how to set the 2nd login credential to OpenHab instance or MainUI which defaulted you to anonymous user. Usually we would use API Token for 2nd login, but it doesn’t exist in both Android and IOS apps.