Android OpenHAB App loose Wifi name

Hello community,

I am using the openHAB app wifi name to implement a presence detection (I have android 11)
It worked really fine and stable for a long time. Now since some weeks I have more and more the effect that the app looses the wifi name at home if the phone is not in use and not in charger.

I am assume this is a battery saving thing.

All battery savings are inactive for the app but obvoisly the phone switch off the wifi conection when not in use from time to time and reports it to the app and the app to openHAB.
I need to take my phone in this case and open openHAB to get the wifi name back or even switch off wifi on/off. Not nice.

Does anybody else have this issue and a solution may be?
Thank you very much!

I think I find something by myself. This switch was on by default:

Since I swiched it of, it did not loose wifi name again. I hope now permanetrly solvered. I will check it for a few days.

Does not help. Still same problem. During the day, even with display on wifi name disapears from OpenHAB App, even if its online in my wifi.
Need to switch wifi off/on to get wifi name back in OpenHAB…

Any Idea what I can do?

OpenHAB 3.2, Android 11, Fritzbox with repeater…
App has now all rights…

Tracked in Android 11: Wifi name is lost in OpenHAB item even if connected to Wifi · Issue #3011 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub