Android openhab app quick question

Hi everyone quick questions about the android app openhab

How do the notifications work do they play an alert when the phone is locked like push notifications or are they inside the app and you have too open the app too see them?

I have been using emails for notifications would the app be better suited I do already have it installed and setup with the openhab cloud connector

They work like any other app notification. The phone will make a sound and you will get an entry in your notification pull down (and where ever else notifications appear depending on your specific Android version and hardware). It works just like Gmail or the like. You can get a list of all the previously received notifications from the app, but unless you configure the openHAB app to have low priority notifications or block it they will appear like any other notification.

What I suggest you do is implement Design Pattern: Separation of Behaviors to centralize your alerting and then you can experiment or do more complicated stuff (e.g. send alerts via one method for certain times of day and other method for the rest). For example, using this I have my alerts set up so they only come to my phone during the night time via NotifyMyAndroid and they get broadcast to both my and my wife’s phone through the Cloud Connector during the day.

Then it becomes pretty simple to test out different approaches and methods and you only have to change it in one place.

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