Android TV - androiddebugbridge. Use a Timer and turn off Outlet

Hello everyone,

I am trying to turn off an outlet when my AndroidTV updates to the state OFFLINE. I am noob with rules and stuff. I have surfed through the forum and cannot find a suitable help due to my lack of technical knowledge.

I need to create a rule from OH3 UI.

  1. I have added the WHEN condition as Add Trigger > Thing >> AdroidDeviceThing >> Status updated to OFFLINE. This one works as expected.
  2. Next I need to wait/sleep for 2 minutes(120s/120000ms), then check the status of AdroidDeviceThing is OFFLINE.
  3. If the above condition is true send command to SWITCH >> OFF

For accomplishing the Step 1, it is straightforward from the UI. But for Step 2 and 3, I think I should write a script and to give it in *THEN section to satisfy my needs. I have tried various approaches using Blockly, but to no avail.

I am sorry for the long explanation, any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Dawn Mathews

  • Platform information:
  "systemInfo": {
    "configFolder": "/openhab/conf",
    "userdataFolder": "/openhab/userdata",
    "logFolder": "/openhab/userdata/logs",
    "javaVersion": "11.0.13",
    "javaVendor": "Azul Systems, Inc.",
    "javaVendorVersion": "Zulu11.52+13-CA",
    "osName": "Linux",
    "osVersion": "5.15.15-0-lts",
    "osArchitecture": "amd64",
    "availableProcessors": 4,
    "freeMemory": 18107048,
    "totalMemory": 97517568
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