Android TV Box

Hello Community,

May someone of you have already created an interation between OH and Android TV box? The TV box remote control is 2.4 Ghz and it means that I can learning RF/IF command… My idea is to control TV box from Ethernet.

Most of what I’ve seen for interaction with Android TV if through ADB and the Exec binding.


I use a device called flirc which emulates a usb keyboard from IR commands. I use a Logitech harmony remote that has a smart hub to integrate with the openhab binding. Works great and is worth the $$$ price tag. You could use the cheaper broadlink blaster as it also has a binding but I doubt it would be as easy to setup as the logitech. If you use KODI this is by far the simplest way and you can do it on the cheap with just a FLIRC and any old remote you have laying around that is IR based.


Cheaper version of Harmony Hub with remote


Thanks Matt, I have tried to use, but the remote control is not IR/RF, it’s something wifi 2.4 GHZ… Anyhow, thanks for your hints

Rich, thanks again for your answer!

I did a short research, however I will try to check…

Hi Rich,

I tried to access but it seems that the port 5555 is no open in my TV box, do you believe that does it need a root access on TV BOX?

I have no idea. Beyond knowing that some people have used ADB I know nothing.