Android users: action required to continue to use push notifications

UDPATE myopenHAB deployment is complete. Android users, please open the app to register for notifications

Android users: action required to continue to use push notifications

On Friday, May 24th pm at approximately 2pm PDT we will be pushing an update to our myopenHAB cloud service to upgrade our Firebase messaging API to a newer, supported version. This will require android users to register for notifications again.

Once the migration is complete, Android users will simply need to open the mobile app. This will trigger the app to register with our cloud service using the updated token. No other action is required. Also note that no updates are required of the Android app for this, all changes are server side. I will post back here once the service has been updated and its time for users to register.

For some background on the change: The current API we use will be shut off in June. As part of this migration we are consolidating multiple FCM accounts into a single one, which requires us to change the the FCM ID we use for Android push notifications to a new one. While slightly annoying for our users, this change will allow us to simplify our management of the system, be able to use updated libraries and APIs, as well as move forward with plans to enhance our push notification features across both Android and IOS.


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