AndroidTV Binding [3.2.0;4.2.0)

I have successfully used this binding with my Shield TV for over a year. However since a couple of weeks there seems to be a bug:

The IP of my thing (Shield) changes automatically.
It gets changed to the IP of my Philips Android TV for which I haven’t configured a Google-TV thing.
If I change the IP manually back the Thing comes back online immediately. But after some time the IP gets reset again.

Any ideas what’s causing this? Maybe some autodiscovery issue?
An already configured thing should never change the IP by itself in my opinion.

Hey @shere. That sounds like an issue on the network or the device more than an issue with the binding. You may want to check your local DHCP server (normally on the router) to see what’s going on and try to assign it a static assignment. It definitely shouldn’t be getting the IP of another device either. Autodiscovery only really plays into account during initial setup. It doesn’t track the device beyond that. Some other bindings (Sonos for example) use UPNP which can track the device instead of using the IP however we don’t use that in this case. May be an interesting feature to add down the line though.

Thanks for your reply, @morph166955 !
The only thing that changes is the IP of the “Thing” in Openhab. The actual physical device (the shield) never changes the IP address (it has a static IP configuration).
So if the binding isn’t automatically trying to track the device or altering the IP configuration of the thing maybe it’s some underlying issue in openhab itself.

I will try to delete the thing and re-add it.

That’s very odd. Ive not seen that behavior before. The thing shouldn’t update the IP like that. The code isnt even in the binding to do it.

Got an error like @zsbagyura with a Philips TV
First pincode request worked.
But I’ve got this status in OH: “GoogleTV: PIN Process Incomplete | PhilipsTV: Online”
Can’t request the pincode another time: the TV is not showing anything when sending a new “REQUEST”.
Tried with a Google TV instead of Philips TV, no success at all.
IP is static and I’ve scanned the ports and I can see 6466 and 6467 as being open.

Note : My OH instance is also running in a Docker container.

Just to confirm, you only have one thing created for the TV. You dont have a googletv and a philipstv correct?

Sorry for the delay. Yes, I’ve got one thing. I’ve tried with both GoogleTV and PhilipsTV. Also tried to uninstall the plugin then reinstall and re-create a thing. No luck.

[philipstv.PhilipsTVConnectionManager] - Pairing code is available, but username and/or password is missing. Therefore we try to grant authorization and retrieve username and password.

For me it was solved magically. Maybe a complete reboot was the key…