[ANN] OnAirSync - Let openHAB know when you are in a meeting

Hi all,

I just wanted to announce a small tool here, I hope I have put this post into the right category.

Many of us are being in their home offices these days and some of them already might have experienced situations such as “‘Darling, can I vacuum here now? :dash:’ - ‘Not now, I’m in a meeting! :scream:’”. There are many funny examples of similar incidents everywhere on the web.

However, in our home, we identified some communication problems because no one knew whether a family member would just be sitting in their room and twiddling his thumbs, or whether he would be in a meeting at the moment. We have experimented with do-not-disturb signs and soft toys sitting in front of our doors, but altogether, these solutions did not feel very smart, and we often forgot to take down the signs after a meeting so we couldn’t trust them either. So here is an automated solution for this: Introducing OnAirSync!

OnAirSync is a small tool that runs on your computer and posts updates to an openHAB item every time you enter or leave a video or audio call. (As a side effect, it allows you to find out all programs that are just having access to your cam or mike.) It currently only runs on Windows 10 and does not support UWP apps ATM (afaik this only affects Skype), but apart from that has turned out as dependable in our family for the recent weeks. With this solution, you can see in your openHAB dashboard at any time who is in a meeting right now. As a follow-up step, you can also install a smart LED light at every door and display your current on-air state at every time lively.

Download & installation instructions are in the GitHub repository:
:arrow_forward: https://github.com/LinqLover/OnAirSync :arrow_backward:
(Any kind of contribution/proposals will be very much appreciated!)

It’s just a small tool without large implementational efforts, and maybe there are already existing solutions (though I could not find any?), but I still wanted to share this with the community. May it help some of you to be more relaxed in your meetings. Keep healthy!



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