Announcements being used for discussions / questions etc

Hello all,

The description for Announcement says: “General announcements from openHAB maintainers”. Because of that I subscribed to this category. I like to stay up to date on new releases, patches etc.

Unfortunately subscribing to these posts means I also get notified when someone replies : “thank you, well done”. “I have an issue with this” , etc. etc.

This means these notifications on announcements for me do not serve their purpose, it is way more than " General announcements from openHAB maintainers".

As an example: although there have been 5 patch releases for 2.5 but the subject " openHAB 2.5.x Patch Releases" has 249 replies…

I would like it if these announcements are just that: announcements.
Am I the only one who looks at it like this?


I would suggest to deny answers in the thread.
This will automatically lead to mew threds for issues.

People have been asked more than once to keep that topic clean for announcements, but …

Flag posts as off-topic to make moderators aware. We can move posts, warn and if necessary discipline users. But yes, we’ve got better hobbies than cleaning up after lazy posters.

Any user should respect the community guidelines and this posting tutorial in the first place.

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You are raising a good point @dries_dokter.
It is actually possible to close topics, which avoids people commenting on it.

I’d suggest that all @maintainers that do announcements directly close the according topic in future - that makes a lot of sense to me. A suitable thread for discussions on it could be linked within such a post, if it is relevant for it.


I found a slightly better solution: I have reconfigured the “Announcement” category in a way that only maintainers have posting rights, while all others can only read. This way, there is no need to close topics at all.


How about creating a discussion thread for each release? This worked well for a prior project I participated in.


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