Annoying Home Automation Videos on YouTube

I’m not an expert in any one thing, but I have avid thirst for knowledge and I’m addicted to home automation. People have told me with my personality, my excitement and my ability to explain technical topics to an audience by dummying the material, but never coming off as being too condescending. I just don’t have the time to invest in making a big video production to compete with some of these guys on YouTube who take it to the extreme.

Like this Guy

How can you go through youtube looking for information on HA and not stumble over this dude, who has every new technology ever created within days after its release. This guy is the perfect example of a HASS Guy on Steroids.
His editing is over-the-top and I find it very annoying. I can’t make it through a video because of this constant desire to edit. It’s like watching a fishing show on TV. If Fishing were that exciting in real life, we would all be spending our off time on the lake. The fishing shows make me feel inferior and question if I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I don’t use the correct bait. What if I’m casting wrong? Do I have the wrong gear?

Another one of my pet peeves about Mr. Bruh, the Home Assistant Guy, is that he is constantly shifting his eyes to read his script that has been practiced repeatedly 100 times, but he still needs to use a script! What is that?

Has anybody watched Mr. Zzzzs tour of his house? That will put you to Zzzzzz. This guy has created home automation of his home automation. I don’t think there is one thing in his house that is not home automation. This video should be required watching for anybody who can’t control their home automation habit. It will definitely put you in check.

On a funny note, Mr. Zzzzz has a fascination with taking his face and superimposing it on all of his videos. For pure shock value, his videos are priceless. I can’t wait to see him post a family vacation video with his family, while at the same time demonstrating that he can just edit his head into the video, so it appears he is on vacation, though instead he is home working on his Internet of Things homebrew Keurig Coffeemaker.

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That’s a shame you have no time, I would love to see your videos, the more we have on the topic of automation the better and the people you mention do a great job as do many others… We all have our own style of presenting. One day I will be creating videos but sadly I am in the middle of building the house, installing the automation and have a new baby all taking up what little spare time I get. Warning: my videos will be less then perfect too as I wont want to spend more than 1 hour creating a 5 minute video of content. That is the issue, it takes too long to produce high end content, so most people just do the best they can in the time they have.


there is tons of annoying $hit on YT, check out @bartus channel
his youtube vids are top notch

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I’ll second the recommendation for @bartus’s channel and add in @yoyoTechKnows’s channel is pretty easy to watch as well. Both have great tutorials for getting started with openHAB and working with.

Honestly, for stuff like coding and electronics I find text to be far more usable to me than video so I really haven’t spent much time trolling YouTube for home automation videos. I’ll watch one every now and again. I haven’t encountered BRUH’s videos yet but I do agree, the editing is distracting. I’m not expert on video so my opinion is less than worthless, but the video looks rushed and lazily produced. Rather than retrying until he gets it all correct in one take he cut out the bad parts resulting in the jittery editing. The lighting isn’t great either. I don’t think he has practiced his script 100 times. I think we are seeing his first run through.

And I agree, the Mr Zzzzz floating head thing is pretty distracting too. But a couple of the videos I’ve seen are at least well shot and the content is pretty good.

I can’t be too harsh though. I’m not producing videos and at least they are. I’d rather see people creating crap than nothing at all, and while the videos are distracting they are at least trying. I can’t fault them for that.

I too would like to see your videos if you ever find the time. And I wouldn’t try to compete with those guys anyway. Make the channel your own and any competition will sort itself out.

I admit I’m being too harsh. Their videos are actually amazing. They have great video production skills for amateurs. I guess I’m making fun of them as a form of compensation for not taking the time to make some of my own. I have to admit that videos are great for learning, especially when it comes to being “hands-on” and getting "down’n’dirty. My harshness is a direct result of envy. I agree with all of you. The floating head is insane!

If Bruh took the time to reduce the editing, I would probably watch his stuff. I think his target audience is for the Pokemon/Speed Cartoon Crowd. Back in the day my cartoons flowed with a storyline in contrast to today’s youth content. Just watch a sing episode of Power Rangers. There is too much going on and it is edited too quickly in order to keep the youth from getting distracted. It’s like Superhero Movies. Avengers just has too much going on and too many mini-sub plots. Give me one single Superhero as a the protagonist and I’m satisfied.

Thanks @Andrew_Rowe & @rlkoshak for the kind words :slight_smile: - I’m glad my videos are well received and I definitely intend on making more (though I have had a bit of downtime, due to other house and hobby projects).

@Teknokill - guys like Bruh or Dr Zzz’s (and a few others like Rob “The Hookup”, Digiblur, MK-SmartHouse, to name a few) each have their own style, they’ve put a lot of effort into making their channels what they are today and at the end of the day, they’ve got the following to prove they’re doing something right. I agree some of the YTers out there are a bit hard to watch, but after starting my own channel and realizing how much work it takes, I admire them all for what they do and am happy to have a new video pop up in my subscription list…

Don’t set out thinking this way, Matt! Just do the best you can, and get a video out - you’ll be surprised how many comments and likes you get from people - there’s always someone out there looking for the info, and if you just focus on presenting it right, they’ll watch it. My first videos are cringe-worthy to me, bad audio, tons of cuts, “uhhs”, etc…but then I only started learning video editing for the channel, I needed to get comfortable talking to the camera and I didn’t have the best equipment to start with…I like to think that’s gotten better since I started, but who knows :smiley:

Oh, and 1 hour of editing for 5 minutes would be great!! :smiley: (I’ve spent up to 10 times that for some of my videos…imagine my surprise when those turn out to be the least watched videos on my channel :wink:

I would love to see some videos on the bindings you wrote, and you can count on me to promote my fellow openHAB YT creators, too!


Damn! I meant to mention @MK-SmartHouse too. He has a great openHAB2 playlist too.

MK-Smarthouse is excellent. The videos are true to life and I love all of his ongoing projects. His videos are very informative and very well produced.
I’m going to show my age, but the Bruh guy on youtube reminds me of a Modern-Day True Life “Max HeadrooM” I’m just waiting for him to get stuck in repeat like Max did back in the day. So far I have to rank BK Hobby the best I’ve seen online doing videos about Openhab. He’s the guy who turned me on to Visual Code. I love the fact I can create channels within my Manual Items lists just by right clicking the “Thing” within an Openhab App just written for Openhab users using Visual Code!!!..It’s a time-saver!


I know who @bartus is now! His videos are slick and his dialogue is not forced and seems natural.
I think I remember @bartus uses Openhab in Windows, so that’s why I stopped watching him. I guess Openhab works within a Jar in Windows, so guess I can learn some things by watching his videos.
My original impression was that if he was using Windows to support the OpenHab2 Platform it wouldn’t be useful for me.
Are his videos relatable to people who use Openhab on Linux?

openHAB is openHAB no matter where it’s running. One OH is installed about 90-95% of your interactions with it will be there same.

This is what is causing me to create the content as I looked for the info when I was building my house and failed to find it. I had to learn from other methods and come up with solutions which is part of the fun. I have taken some video footage and mostly pictures along the way to show 1 of many ways to install a system so I hope to cover my build soon, but I want to have the finished house to show and then give the back story in the same videos.

Yes it really eats your time, I have released videos before on non automation topics so I know how long it takes and I have most of the gear to do a half decent job. I’m guessing I can only release 1 video every 6 months. The more people covering stuff the better and for sure some cross promotion of channels both ways would be great.

You and the others do a great job, keep up the good work and keep inspiring people to automate. :+1::+1:

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I love your videos. You made the habpanel one look so simple. Hopefully you will continue to make more as there are just so few OH yourtube instructional videos (as compared to HA).

Looking for a good instructional video on incorporating zigbee2mqtt in OH2.4, how to have the zigbee log shown on the dashboard, pairing etc. Please point me in the right direction if there exists one - that isnt in German.

right on!
Everyone contributes what they can and it makes a community