Any Android app to modify textual configuration?

Hi all,
I am looking for a way to make small modifications on my rules, item files, etc, without starting my PC and VB Code. The tool should run on Android.

Now I use “RaspController”, open an SSH shell, and use “nano” or whatever editor, but this a real pain on a 6inch touchy.

Is there a more convenient way? Does someone has a suggestion for an Android editor that can directly access the conf folder and edit files there? It is not about setting up a full installation, but just changing some parameters, etc.

I don’t think this is relevant, but I am using OH 3.3 on a Raspi4.


Ouch. That sounds painful.

I’ve not looked into this at all, but is there an Android app that lets you mount an SMB share? If so, then you could expose the conf directory as an SMB share, then mount it on Android. Then you could use whatever Android editor you want to modify the files.

I do this using Material Files:

That looks like a nice file manager app. I might have to give it a try myself. :wink:

Edit: Wow, this app is way faster than any other file manager app I’ve used. :+1:

I will try Material Design, it looks nice.
Meanwhile I found NMM and managed exactly what was proposed: mount the conf folder via Samba and access the files

Thanks to both of you, I think the topic can be closed.

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@shuhhi I wrote my experiences about managing openhab on the phone in this thread:

It was meant to collect best practices from users. Maybe you can add yours…

I use this app too but there is a better way to edit files with RaspController:

  1. Search the file in the filemanager
  2. Long press the file
  3. Open the context menu (top right corner, 3 dots)
  4. The last option is a texteditor