Any cameras with pet detection?

I’ve been considering getting security cameras for a while and I think it’s time. The final straw is that the neighborhood cats use my yard as a litter box.

So the important question: are there any nvr systems that can send notifications into openhab/email/mqtt/REST/anywhere that will specifically say “there is a cat or small animal”?

My plan is to use this to trigger the sprinklers for a minute and teach the cats that they are not welcome in my yard. I don’t want to spray my kids though when they go to play…

Preferably the system will run on a stand alone nvr but could potentially run some software on a pi…



I just came across TensorFlow and I think it will accomplish what I want. I can use object detection from that repo to run any jpg through and identify the feral cats.

This will be nice cause I can pull a jpg from any camera system.