Any chances to have a beta binding directory?

I have many wiz lights and there is a great binding but few small technical details are causing the binding to be stuck in a pull request.

Any chances to have a beta channel for addons that could let user install bindings that haven’t gone through the whole approval process? I have nothing against the openhab approval/review process (all the opposite) but at the same time, users might be willing to install add-ons that have not gone through the whole cycle and having a one click install would be simplify life for new users.

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you can install them manually

Yes… that is always an option but wouldn’t a one click solution be better?

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No. That could screw up installations hence threaten stability.
There’s reasons when a binding is still in beta.

openHAB used to have a marketplace which had to be removed due to it being part of Eclipse. I think I have heard talk of ‘something’ taking its place in the future.

You can read about the old marketplace here as it echo’s your thoughts…

Well I really cannot figure out why the Wiz Binding is in beta has not moved out of the pull request. I went through all the comments and feedback in the thread and I cannot point what detail is missing in the contribution. I offered to help to fix the code but unless someone points me in some specifics, I cannot make sense of the feedback.

There is nothing wrong in having a thorough process to validate bindings but if the team is overloaded and it is a slow process to move external contributions forward, it might be beneficial to the user to have options for beta bindings. I realize, it can make an installation unstable but a huge warning message on install would leave the responsibility to the user - a trade-off between stability and responsibility.


Nah. Stability is of utmost importance to anybody - getting specific beta bindings to work is not, even if they were of widespread interest, and in your case it is not even that.
So why don’t you just install it manually ?

Oh yes I have it installed manually but this was more a generic comment about new bindings contributed to OpenHab. I did see a lot of new bindings in the recent releases so I assume this is not a major issue though.

There was the Eclipse IoT marketplace, but with the changes related to openHAB 3 this is ot supported anymore. I’ve created a proposal for a replacement. There is still some discussion on how this should be approached. Besides that I simply haven’t had enough time to work on it lately. Give the lack of time I have recently and work that can be done related to openHAB 3.0 I personally dont expect to have time to work on it this year.

Related to the wiz lights binding. I cant say there is a particular reason this is not merged. There was a huge backlog and with 2.5.9 we tried to work to get most bindings included. But I cant see why this partical binding was not reviewed. I see I still have some review comments pending (aka not yet visible), I shall finish that. What at least needs to be done is to update the binding to openHAB 3.0.

You can still use and submit bindings to the Eclipse IoT Marketplace for use in OH 2.5.x. Once it is approved, which takes about a day, the beta binding will show up in Paper UI after installing this…

The marketplace is a very underutilized tool that we have for easily distributing add-ons.

Glad to hear that you guys have this in mind. Let me know if you need any help to move this binding to openHAB 3.0.

I think @hilbrand was suggesting you move it to V3 and then he would look at your binding after that is done. It is pretty easy to move them to V3 as I have done 4 bindings now and it is less then an hour to do it if its your first time. See…

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