Any docs for MQTT Binding for 2.4 M6

I saw the MQTT Video in the OH blog and see the new binding in 2.4 M6.

I have somehow unknowingly borked up my working MQTT 1.0 config without making any MQTT changes in futzing around with going from OH 2.3 to OH 2.4 M6. Nothing is being published to the Mosquitto MQTT broker.

Anyway, I hate OH 1.x

I uninstalled the MQTT 1.x binding and installed the 2.4 M6 binding
I easily setup a MQTT Broker Thing in paper UI and pointed it at my Mosquitto (localhost) and it is online.

I’m not sure where to go from there.

I’m going to watch the video again for hopefully finding insights.

For now, I’m comfortable with being on the MQTT bleeding edge as this only controls 2 non-critical Sonoff switches.


and this thread

The new MQTT binding from the snapshot will definitely stop publishing. The Event bus will continue but no existing MQTT items will be updated nor changes to the item state published. Tried the new binding readme config of broker thing and the HOMIE part of the binding appears to cause the broker connection to reset continuously if there is no HOMIE topic (on first review)

Reverted to the 1.x binding and all is good. Will wait and see on this one.