Any economic Zigbee thermostatic valve?

I am looking for thermostatic valves to install at home and make a controller system with openHAB.

I have bought a smart EQ3 bluetooth valve for 20€ and used a tasmota ESP32 as gateway between MQTT and bluetooth.
It works well, but has some limitations and it works sending status beacons at regular intervals, that not include all info or posibilities of the valve.

I am thinking of buying a zigbee valve instead which should be better and more reliable.

But I don’t want to pay 50 or 70€ for each one and I don’t want to have to use apps connected to the cloud or the valve sending data to internet.

Are there good and economic zigbee valves?

TASMOTA ESP32 is supposed to support zigbee too, so it should not be difficult to integrate them with TASMOTA and communicate via MQTT.

I tried quite a few of the zigbee valves that you can order from China and like the BRT-100 best (around 30€).
The display is readable nicely and they work well with zigbee2mqt and openhab.