Any experience of Intel NUC DN2820?

I’m currently running OpenHAB on a Cubietruck board but for various reasons I’m considering to change to standard Intel hardware and the NUC DN2820 seems like a economic alternative. Has anyone any experience from running OpenHAB on this platform?


I haven’t run openhab on a NUC but other stuff. It’s x86 based, think a PC in a very small box. It’s a huge step up from raspberry pi etc. I absolutely like mine (although that is an i5 based one, a bit faster). I can’t imagine you’d have difficulties running openhab on it, even if it “just” has the celeron based processor.

I just shut down a big old server I had OpenHAB (and a bunch of other stuff) running on. I replaced it with a NUC and the power usage is now about 1/5th of what it used to be. More than enough power. I have an i5 based NUC running Fedora.

i have a nuc 2820 with a ssd and 4 GB RAM. Installed is windows 7 x64. I use openHAB with an Aeon zStick. CPU is at 7% with running openHAB and a Mosquitto Server. RAM have 50% in use. The Runtime is at the moment 73 days and 23 hours. But it needs a restart to install updates now.

It works very stable.


Thanks for the feedback, it seems like nuc is the way to go. I was considering the nuc dn2820 but i’m now leaning towards getting a gen5 nuc provided I can get a fanless one with space for a 2.5" internal bay.

I have an NUC5i3RYK - it’s pretty nice. It has a fan, but it’s not often on, or if it is, it’s slow and quiet… I’m using it as a development headless server at the moment with Debian - runs really well :smile:

I’ve not tried it with ZWave etc, but I would expect it’s fine.

Mine is a NUC5i5RYK. Same format as @chris just the i5 version. I am using it for a lot of different things and it has been rock solid and super fast. OpenHAB is of course one of the things running on it, with a USB gen 5 Aeon Z stick and an Insteon PLM attached.

I have a NUC5CPYH with 4GB ram and a 125GB SSD. I am using a Aeon gen 5 stick. Like for the setup of Chris, it has a fan but it hardly ever run and when it does, you can only hear it if you put your ear very close by.
It’s a bit oversized just for OpenHAB but I got it so I can run other things as well, such as FreeSwitch for my VoIP.