Any good Openhab2 book in English?

Hi, is there any good Openhab2 book avaible in English?

The only one I have found is in German:

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Yes, the official docs :grinning:


The manual printed out on paper is going to be a great gift … :man_facepalming:

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It seems most young’uns these days require You-tube videos of everything. Extra bonus if they can do it without any independent thought.

You didn’t give that gift information above, so you can’t blame anyone for pointing to the official docs, sorry. :man_shrugging:

Back to topic:
We had the question some days ago.

Marianne, the author of the above mentioned book, has already tried to publish this in english too,
but didn’t have success yet.
I think the main concerns are based on copyright stuff.

I think it will get difficult to find a 100% opanHAB related book,
but maybe there is more available on the general smarthome/open source topic.

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I’ve thought about writing and self publishing a book but:

  • writing a book is a lot of work, I’d have to leave the forum for a good bit to write it and i think my helping here is worth more than the book will ever be
  • I’d almost certainly have to self publish, I don’t see O’Reily, Packt, et. al. being interested in paying for it, it’s still too nitch with out a big enough audience to sell enough copies.
  • I’d feel guilty for not continuing to the official docs instead.
  • OH is really a moving target right now. Id rather wait for OH 3 before committing the time to write a book that will probably be obsolete in large part by the time it’s completed.

I suspect others have faced the same mental calculations and have come to the same conclusions. So as long as an English version of the German book fails to finds a publisher, I suspect we won’t see an English book until sometime after OH 3 is released.


I know of a consultant who self-publishes on Amazon. For his current book, you can get a Kindle version for $3 more, if I recall correctly.