Any Helios KWL binding (via RS-485 and USB) for openHAB 1.8.3?

I am using using a Helios KWL EC 450 PRO, connected to RaspberryPi via RS-485 and USB converter which works fine with python script.

Has anyone managed to connect with an older binding?
Found this one, which has been posted over 2 years ago (author Karsten Kaiser):!msg/openhab/R2uGyf0jNjE/wni9OzHkAogJ

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We are in the meantime at openhab 2.2… is there any news about a Helios binding? There is some discussion on another thread about a new Helios binding based on the modbus binding. But I didn’t find real progress there and I technically cannot follow all the details about modbus.

@karsten_kaiser_1971 Are you the Karsten Kaiser who implemented the old openhab 1 binding referenced in the google group posting? What is the status of that one? Is there a chance to use it in later openhab setups?

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Any news here?

In the meantime I think to have understood a bit more about the modbus and hope that @big_blue - maybe with someone else’s help - can continue the work of @bern77 and port it to the modbus transport developed by @ssalonen to make that helios binding work also without TCP interface… At least it seems technically feasible

I bought an USB-RS485 interface and would like start to work on something to bind my Helios Ventilation system to openhab2… See also the corresponding github issue.