Any interest for an Edisio bridge?

Hi all
Anyone here already working with Edisio to implement in openHAB a bridge to the Edisio protocol ?
New Chacon products are now using this new protocol. Edisio is selling a box but in addition it exists a USB dongle that could be usable with other existing automation solutions. Edisio does not publish any API but API exist. As an example, the solution has been integrated in the Jeedom software and the Eedomus Plus box.
I have a contact with a French online WEB shop that already sell these products and could help me to establish a direct contact with Edisio compagny.
I will let you know about the next step.

Hello !

I am a new member and try to make OpenHab my new domotic system instead of Jeedom.

I’m also using Edisio key with a 4 switch panel and wanted to use under OpenHAB. Any news about its compatibility with ?



Edisio has a closed protocol that makes it not compatible with an open source project.

But Edisio is working on Jeedom solution …

With the new IoT marketplace ( Distributing bindings through the IoT Marketplace ), it should be now more easy to distribute bindings without providing the source code.
So you just need a volunteer to develop this binding.