Any suggest temperature/humidity sensors?

I’d like to get some temperature/humidity sensors in order to monitor the rooms in my house via openHAB. I’d like to hear from your experiences before to buy hardware, excluding the DIY arduino based sensors, which strategy do you suggest considering easy setup and cheap costs:

  • buy some sensors that support the RF 433 Mhz protocols (f.i. lacrosse that have a nice reputation about the precision) and a trans-receiver USB stick (f.i. JeeLink)
  • buy a system based on zigbee protocols that allows me to add other sensors in future?
    Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

I use a mix of netatmo (Temp and Hum.) and eq3-MAX (Temp. only) components. Netatmo is a bit expensive, so i use them only in rooms with focus on health like bedroom and childs room. For temperature only measuring the wall thermostat and one radiator thermostat in the bathroom perfectly do the trick at a price around 25 Euro plus a CUL Stick or the MAX Gateway, which both is on 838 Mhz

Me using the Homematic wall thermostat (with humidity) - the cheapest interactive (display and set buttons) device i have found.

That HomeMatic thermostat looks pretty nice and cost-effective. How do you communicate with it? Need a special radio interface?

I am using Oregon Scientific temp/hydro sensors all around the house and connected back to OH using an RFXCom. They are just sensors, with a display and are about 40€ a piece. Nice sensors however, and weatherproof so no problem outside or in the cellar.

U can use Homematic either via

openHAB ->Homematic Binding -> Homematic CCU -> Device


openHAB ->Homematic Binding -> homegear -> CUL / Homematic USB Stick / .. -> Device

I’m using the second approach, all running on a Pi2.