Any support for Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell?

Few days ago I bought the NetAtmo Smart Video Doorbell, nice product imho.
(Smart Video Doorbell | Netatmo)
The NetAtmo binding works like a charme. Client-ID and Client_Secret found at their website. The question is, if it’s possible to get this “Smart Video Doorbell” working with the Netatmo binding. I think by now this is not yet possible, let’s hope I’m wrong.
configuration: RPi4, OH 3.2.0

I would be interested in the answer as well.
There is some documentation on the API here (just checked briefly):
Netatmo Connect | Security API Documentation
I am still in the progress to decide between eufy or Netatmo doorbell…

There is a new version of the binding underway, currently in code-review. PR is here and contains a link to a binary in the first post for testing.
Netatmo unfortunately deprecated a few API-calls just recently, and the developer @glhopital decided to bring in those as well. So it might take a bit more time until its merged and available with the snapshot-versions.

Awesome - thank you, Markus!

Wouw, would be nice. I’ll give it a shot, patiently.

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