Any way to access NGRE in the Android App?

Hi !
Is there a way to access NGRE in the android app??
And also is there a particular reason why the Paper UI is not accessible in the App? I really don’t get why its not shown in the android app already when we can access the basicui and habpanel there.

The Android App is not designed to administer the system. That would mean the Paper UI and NGRE are not available.

I believe the Android App uses the Basic UI sitemaps.

Well it would have been so much better to have the NGRE in the app in some way. NGRE seems really good alternative to textual rules in most general use cases and to have that in the App would mean easy rule manipulation on the go.
I even tried to add webview link of rules page from paper ui into the basic ui sitemap.
it gets served well on a desktop locally but again the app does not scroll down the options on that page and hence makes it unusable and also this way does not serve the rules page from remote instance.
I wish the app developers did something about it.
Not the whole Paper UI but just the NGRE in the app would be really awesome

The openHAB 3 Main UI should me more mobile friendly and is likely the future direction.

I like the OH2 more though. The initial look of OH3 reminds me of Home Assistant and I really dont like that kind of approach(interface basically).
The thing that made me switch from HA to OH was the fact that in OH we can have a totally different interface for admin and a different one for normal users so no one can accidentally mess up configurations. And I was really happy with that until now. But after using NGRE I am really missing the feature in the App.
Seems funny but I think I might need to learn some Android development to add NGRE page serving option in the App myself because I dont think the devs might do that on my request. Haha

I believe they are both based on Google’s Material Design guidelines that are popular currently.

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NGRE through PaperUI is basically broken. Half of the rule triggers don’t work, the editors are flakey, and full support for rules was never completed.

As mentioned MainUI which includes creating rules through the UI will be supported on the apps and it already works well in the browser on mobile, even for creating rules.

PaperUI has been dead for a very long time (since it was abandonded by it’s maintainer) so you’re never going to get this sort of support unless you do it yourself.

There is no way for normal users to accidentally mess up configurations. Only users with an admin role can access administration things. Even the REST API is now locked down so they can’t even access the APIs without authentication. And there is nothing stopping you from using MainUI as your administration UI and BasicUI or HABPanel as your user’s interface.

Over all, your time and effort would be much better spent either moving to MainUI and OH 3 or figuring out a way to edit text based rules from your phone. NGRE in PaperUI is all but hopelessly broken and it’s not going to get fixed.


No I meant its better to just show clean UI to a normal user and hide all the mess(admin stuff) below the surface. I agree no one would mess up configs accidentally but all members of the family who are not concerned about the programming and configurations should not be able to even look at it.
I would give OH3 a try tomorrow. I have a quick question though.
Does the Main UI get displayed in the app or it needs to use a browser instead??

Oh I missed that. Got the answer. Thanks a lot

But that too is what happens with MainUI. Non admin users can only see Pages. That’s it. The other admin stuff isn’t even shown. They can’t even look at it, as you say.

And on the Pages that regular users can see you can even change is so only certain widgets get shown to regular users.

Admin view:

User view:

As you can see, anything settings related is simply gone with the user’s view. They can’t see it. they can’t change it. All they see are the Pages, and even there they only see the pages and widgets you allow them to see.

For now they are still working on support in the apps. I don’t know if it’s working yet. But the browser works great through the browser. If you pin it to your home screen it will look the same as it will look in the apps once it’s supported.


Thanks a lot for clearing everything out. Looks promising. Just needs patience.