Any way to check upcoming events known from openhab2


does someone know of a way to check what events and details (from caldav) are known from openhab2, appart from those found in userdata/etc/caldav (that are NOT what openhab checks to fire events, it checks from some mapdb from what I can understand).

I ask because I have events set in a calendar, and SOME of them are not triggered, there is no log line like
2016-11-14 20:00:00.028 [INFO ] [] - event BEGIN for: bbf9a99f-602e-4c26-b5e9-0c66c8a9764b(sdb_soir@14.11.2016/20:00-14.11.2016/22:30)

and some are triggered (like the previous one). I don’t understand why, and I would like to 'cause my heaters are then not switched on …

There is no error in the log (except some zwave timeouts). What should I set to debug ? ? another engine responsible from firing events ?

Alternative is : is there a way to clean the mapdb without wiping the zwave thing configuration (stick uuid) ?

I don’t know caldav but in general I don’t think there is any way to examine a MapDB from the command line or any tools I know of.

thanks. Could not read the mapdb, but in the end I’m not sure caldav events are stored there.

I still, have recurring events that do not trigger at all (but did last week), I might have modified them causing this strange issue, I really don’t know. I’ll try not to change my events for a while (if they work), and see if it continues to works.

I suspect an algorythm issue : I set up “lastModifiedFileTimeStampValid=False”, because radicale stores all events in only one file.

but then, there is a field “LAST-MODIFIED” in events, that might not get changed either when I change a calendar event with thunderbird (which might cause openhab to not register modifications, I suppose ?)