Anyone can reccomend a garden motion sensor?

Hi all
i am moving to a new place with a garden , and from my testing Infra Red will not work outside , i think its too hot, too many false postive , i live in the desert
inside my house i use PIR from xiaomi that is working real good, but i dont think it can stand the outside heat

anyone knows of a good relaible proudect ? or maybe DIY version ?

if i will have no choice i will use the IP camers motion dedtction, but this is too compliacted , and can fail for many reasons

thnaks !

I’ve put one of my inside sensors into a waterproof enclosure. Built it into the frame of a garden light.


Yes, it is pants outdoors. There are external security motion detectors based on microwave, like radar. I’ve only seen these in wired configurations.

Break-beam sensors work reliably outdoors, but suitability depends on what you’re trying to capture.

I think some cameras have motion sensing capability.

Hi Bruce
yes for sure you can use cameras for this.
but too many point of fauilre for an alram system

if it will cost more than 40$ a per unit maybe its better to go with an IP camera that can do both …


IR is not good when you have hot and cold breezes swirling causing fake movement. In a desert u probably have heat stored in rocks and cold nights to create these conditions.

Microwave will not like rain as they sense water movement. Lower rainfall may make these a good choice if desert area.

Break beam will work but are easily avoided if it is for alarm reasons. Also animals can trip.

Cameras can work if you get better models with line crossing and size detection features and combine them so they all agree there is motion. Cameras can suffer from spiders moving over lens or bats flying in to catch bugs that are attracted to the night vision lights.

Best idea is to use openhab to combine multiple types of sensors to lower issues.

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did not think of bats and bugs !
thinking maybe inmplanting the below type of AI in the future

Just be prepared that each camera will need some serious CPU to do AI detection on multiple cameras. Some cameras now have that ability built in removing the need for a server which will be a $700+ computer using electricity and creating heat in your home. If you have a small server room heat can be an issue to consider.

I just use basic line crossing detection and get on average 1 false detection a month after I filter the events with Openhab and another sensor type, and have no extra server. >99% accuracy and with surface spray and remotely mounting IR floods it could get better.

yep i dont have the PC infrastructure(yet), thats why i said in the future
also i need to setup some kind of NVR/NAS

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