Anyone has a Roller Shutter based on Zigbee?

Hi all,

currently I have an old Rademacher Troll System in my house like this:

I wanted to ask if someone has a Zigbee based system like this running:
Or if it is even supported.


I have a number of the IKEA blinds around my home. They seems to be quite reliable and easy to install, although the pairing process that IKEA use is a little painful and long winded, if you have a Zigbee controller that can support blinds that may work better.

The IKEA blinds, need a Gateway (Hub), Signal Repeater and Open/Close switch. Although they are a fixed size, but have seen people on YouTube cut them down.

Hi Maximo,

thanks a lot for your experience here.
So this means you use them with a Tradfri gateway right?


Yes at present I still use the Tradfri gateway. If I could get them connected to my Hue bridge, that would be a better option as I have a load of Hue bulbs as well. The Tradfri gateway is only use to control the Blinds.

I my look at a USB Zigbee controller in the new year and remove both Hubs at the same time.

If your looking for a quick and relatively straightforward solution, then I would be happy to recommend them. In terms of value for money, I’d say they’re on the more expensive side.

Hi Maximo,

I already did the step with the Stick and connected all the bulbs, motion sensors and dimmer switches.
Looks fine so far, my question is now just which controller is supported by the Zigbee plugin so that I can connect my existing rollershutters (build into the House) can become smart.

Just FYI, I have also ordered Tuya zigbee roller shutter controllers from Aliexpress and I got the WiFi version instead. Could be because the sellers do not understand the difference. Did manage to connect them to OH but 2 out of 3 are dropping off the network every few days.

On the other hand I have some other similar shaped zigbee dimmers and they work fine so far, 2-3 months since installation with the conbee II stick. (I have more than 30 zigbee devices from several brands)

Hi @DarkoG,

I’ve seen already in the reviews that some people received the WiFi Version, that’s weird.

Did manage to connect them to OH but 2 out of 3 are dropping off the network every few days.

^ This references to the WiFi Version or to the Zigbee Version?

since installation with the conbee II stick.
^ This means you are using deconz or a similar Middleware in between of the stick and openhab, right?


The WiFi version drops. I have similar zigbee dimers and they have been stable since the installation few months ago.

yes, I use the Phoscon API running on the rPi with openhabian

Hi Darko!

which dimmers are you using?
Do you remember the type?


No, I do not remember the exact model but they were the same shape as your link to Aliexpress roller shutter module above

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