Anyone have experience with Fibaro Walli Dimmer?

This new Z-wave dimmer switch has become available locally and I am thinking of investing in one to try out. It looks like a straight forward replacement for an existing dumb dimmer, but it’s not yet in the supported things database so I was wondering if anyone has installed one in openHAB yet?

Here’s the link to the manual:

Yes, it is:

Thanks for the quick response @sihui

I was referring to the supported zwave things list on the openHAB website. Just for clarity, if it is in the cd-jackson database it will be discoverable and functional in openHAB?

You need to upgrade to the latest 2.5 snapshot zwave binding:$org.openhab.binding.zwave/

Great. Thanks again.

Living and learning!

@sihui shouldn’t the OH page either keep in sync or just link to the database? An iframe may also be an option.

Just to be clear you can run the snapshot binding on 2.5M1. You do not need to run on a snapshot.

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It is synced automatically, it just lags behind :joy:

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I was guessing it just showed the support for the 2.4 binding. That is confusing, though.
There are doc pages for the DarkSky binding which are snapshot-only.

By default the docs are showing the latest content, at the moment 2.5 snapshot.
You may switch the version on the top right corner:


But still, the docs are not updated when the binding is updated, there is a delay.

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The Fibaro Walli Switch is not in the database. I assume that it can be easily added and should be supported. I just ask because I am about to buy it and don’t want to get stuck.

That depends a lot on their documentation and the device complexity, Some complex devices take a LOT of manual work to enter configuration parameters.
I remember a unit with 9 switches, for example. I am currently working on a device with 8 groups & 3 buttons in the configuration, along with complex options.

The database guide mentions how to add a device.

Sure it is:

But that user did not provide a xml file and it is incomplete. If you have the device please upload the xml or post it here.

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