Anyone know this coffee maker?

Looking for cheap coffee machines, I found this one, it has compatibility with google home and alexa.
It would be nice to get a Biding or a tcp binding (I prefer openhab :heart_eyes:).
I do not know how to do it, but I’m thinking of buying it and trying to capture the packages to see if I get something.

I leave the link in case you are interested.

Greetings to all.

I’m not familiar with that particular unit, but I am currently using the Mr. Coffee WiFi coffee maker with OH. The machine uses the WeMo protocol which is controllable in OH via the WeMo binding.

Hi @KidSquid, thank you so much, I was looking for something like this to integrate with openhab.
I am going to get this Mr. coffee device ASAP. Could you please share what all can we control about this device through openhab, mainly looking for what all items, and channel options are there for this device in openhab.

The Mr.Coffee unit I have BVMC-PSTX91WE from what I can tell is no longer available. Mine just recently died and I can not find a replacement.

Please let me know if you find any…

I was able to:

  • Start The Brewing Cycle
  • Get Alert when Brewing Complete
  • Get Alert when Water needed to be refilled
  • Get Alert when Carafe was missing or not fully set in place
  • Set Amount of Cups

There may be more but these are all of the features I used.

Let me know if you have any additional questions…Welcome to OpenHab @avanshee you’ll find this community is a great place to learn and extend your home automation experience.


This article mentions 3 units which you could look at if they have an api for Openhab. Mr. Coffee is one of the three it mentions…

As a coffee lover I can not settle for badly brewed coffee. It has to be…

  1. Fresh roasted beans, try to use them up within 3 months from the roasting date.
  2. Ground through a decent grinder right at the time of brew. The grinder is more important for flavour then the coffee machine. Don’t use pre ground coffee and don’t cheap out on the grinder.
  3. Created with a pump that can do it at the correct pressure for expresso, 9 Bar or 130 PSI. This is what gives you the creme on top of the coffee and really cheap machines can not reach the pressure needed.
  4. Proper steam to create lattes that are creamy and not huge empty foam like cheaper machines.

Semi automatic machine that requires no skill from the person using the machine.

Much cheaper if you are willing to spend some time learning how to make coffee.

I have one of the machines in between those two models and love it. Better coffee then I can buy in shops for 1 main reason and that is I keep the machine clean. Backwashing and stripping the machine down to clean all the parts are part of making great coffee.

thank you so much! Hoping to do some magic through it :slight_smile:

I like to start the day with a strong hot mug of coffee with sweetener and double cream. I used a cafetiere for years, grinding the beans myself in a coffee mill.
I could make it as strong as I like, but it wasn’t hot, more just warm.
I tried a pod machine, a Starbucks/Keurig, machine but the pods didn’t make coffee strong enough for my taste.
I bought a De Longhi Magnifica bean to cup machine a couple of months ago after reading reviews on different machines.
It does produce coffee hot enough and I can adjust the grind to get it quite strong.
It was dearer than pod machines (£230 on Amazon), but I buy coffee beans that work out cheaper than pods, so should be cheaper in the long run.
Once I worked out how to get it going and adjusted the strength to my taste, which took a few days, it has worked well and produces a coffee I like.
I have tried different coffee beans but have settled on Starbucks ‘Fairtrade’ Espresso. A dark whole-bean 100% Arabica coffee with a ‘rich and caramelly’ taste. Which can also be bought in Waitrose.