Anyone Saving Energydata From Ihc To Openhab Or To Emoncms Or Other Database?

I have finally started to use wattmeter and elmåler in IHC and thus logging my electricity meters to my IHC house controlling system…

I do want to start up on my previous attempt on using OpenHab to connect my IHC, RFXCom, and zwave etc.

I would like to be able to present all my information in phone/tablet using Imperihome or similiar to OpenHab .

I would need a way to save my energydata to some sort of database for history and also to be able to present via e.g. OpenHab.

I prefer to use Windows PC (not RaspverryPi ) since I already have a laptop for the purpose of controlling OpenHab etc.

Anyone saving Energydata from IHC to OpenHab or to emoncms or other database?

I’ve not seen any discussion of emoncms specifically but a quick scan of some of the their docs indicate they have a pretty well defined API.

However, openHAB supports several databases for storing data. See the Persistence section of the wiki for which DBs and other storage mechanisms are stored. I personally use rrd4j as I don’t really use or care about data older than a week right now. I’ll probably switch over to MySQL or InfluxDB if that ever changes.

I save my energy data from a homemade sensor to emoncms. Grafana also produces very good graphs using influxdb which is supported by openhab.

var String Key = "xxxxxxxxxxx"  //your api key
rule "Send Power to Emoncms"
    Item TotalPower received update
    var Number power = TotalPower.state as DecimalType
    sendHttpGetRequest("" + power + "&apikey=" + Key + "&node=1")
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Hi guys.

I made a very simple persistence service for Emoncms.

It’s a very simple dev, but does the trick (as g_g_rich method does) but in a more classic openhab style.