Anyone tried Presence Detection with Tile, Duet or Pally devices

Has anyone tried using any of the “lost keys” bluetooth devices as a presence detector? Any thoughts on how well this might work versus iphone built in bluetooth that seems to have same issue as wifi during sleep (turning off wifi/bluetooth).


I have one of the ones made by HTC. This model anyway wouldn’t work because they don’t maintain a connection. If i push the button on the. Time of then connects to the phone, of visa versa but most of the time they remain disconnected.

I think Tiles work differently and might work better.


I figured some of them would be push to broadcast but wasn’t sure about others based on the descriptions of how they work.


Personally I just use a BTLE beacon from Avvel on my key ring and use a BT dongle with a simple Python script to scan for its MAC address. Sets a switch to either on or off in OH.

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Thats what I am looking to do, was just curious if others had tried something similar. I have ordered a BTLE device from amazon that should be here in a couple days to try out.

Would b very interested to get more information how to configure openhab to use Tile BTLE as a presence detector. Kindly share your examples