Anyone tried the Floureon HY03WE-4 wifi thermostat?

While browsing Amazon today, I stumbled across the Floureon HY03WE-4 wifi thermostat. The interface isn’t amazing, but it is inexpensive (~$35 US). Has anyone tried one of these before? I’m hoping it has an ESP8266 inside and might be made to run Tasmota…


Instructions (very minimal) are in this PDF file that I found in an eBay listing for this thermostat.

My Android phone refuses to scan the QR code in the document, so I can’t tell you more about the Android app for this thermostat.

I may be wrong but I suspect it uses a cloud service. <=== I’m retracting this statement because nowhere does it say the thermostat is accessible from outside your home.

It controls 220V heating devices. In other words, it cannot control a furnace.

It has a “CE” mark but no “UL” mark. However, it’s dimensions suggest it is not designed for the North American market.

Yes, I know it is for 220V. I’m looking to control a 220V heater, and 220V is present in the junction box I would mount the thermostat in. I’m interested in learning if anyone has explored using one of these with Openhab.

Just pointing out that in North America, many homes have central heating so thermostats tend be designed for controlling furnaces, not electric heaters (Nest, Ecobee, Lyric, etc). Your post attracted my attention because I thought it was that kind of thermostat, but it isn’t. I thought it’d be worthwhile to mention it for the benefit of others who may be interested in an inexpensive Wi-Fi thermostat for furnaces.

Even if someone was looking for this kind of thermostat, it’s form-factor isn’t designed for the North American market (for starters, it’s mounting holes don’t align with North American electrical boxes). It also lacks UL (and CSA) certification (something your home insurance company might focus on if this device were to fail and cause a fire).

Good luck and I hope existing users of this thermostat help you out.