Anyone using Bluetooth Binding on Windows?

I really start scratching my head if there is ANY working bluetooth solution at all for OH when running on Windows.
From reading the docs there should be the official bluetooth binding which supports the Bluegiga USB-Stick. However after installing the official bluetooth binding there is no option available to add the stick. I see the two other supported extensions (blukii, BlueZ) but no Bluegiga.
I also tried the marketplace bluetooth binding and also installed the bluegiga transport additionally. But I still can find no option to add the Bluegiga USB-Stick.

Could please someone open my eyes?

i think you shuld install eclipse IOT store

Are you talking about the Eclipse IoT Marketplace? I have it installed and also installed the bindings from there. But how to add my BlueGiga-Stick then? Adding things manually via PaperUI does not seem to work. Could you please be more specific?

Hi @vossivossi, have you set up serial port regexp expression in the binding (3rd party binding) as per documentation

Thank you very much, that did the trick!

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