Anyone using OrangeAssist with OH3

Hi, my son gave me a Meross LED strip and was looking for an integration solution for OpenHab … I came across this:

This seems to have many cool benefits one of which will allow me to control the strip by sending commands to Google Home (which does support the device).

Question: Is anyone using OrangeAssist with OH3? I’m assuming this would be a good approach but if there is an easier way I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Most of the discussion I’ve seen has been in Lucky’s thread. It’s a little beyond my technical skill and available time, so I haven’t tried it.

Your Meross LED strip might be a Tuya device, in which case you might be able to flash Tasmota onto it to gain local control via MQTT. However, that’s gotten harder to do over the past year. Unfortunately, we don’t (yet) have a Tuya binding in openHAB.

I have one Tuya device that I couldn’t flash, so I just connected it to IFTTT and then send webhooks from OH to turn it on and off.

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Thanks Russ … I’ve been moving all my OpenHab development away from IFTTT. Yes, I saw the MQTT discussion relating to Meross as well … my thinking at this point is that the OrangeAssist would have additional benefits so might be worth the effort. I see that the Github hasn’t been updated in 3 years, which is why I asked if anyone has a working OH3 integration (may not have any impact, I just dont know).

Gotcha. I’d post into that thread and see who responds. It’ll be the best way to get the attention of any active users.

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