Anything I could try to get my Razberry z-wave network to behave like it should?


I am have an openHAB 1.7.1. installation running on a raspberry pi mod B+ with a razberry z-wave controller card.
The network is medium sized I guess, but the house is maybe larger than average (190m2, in two floors + a separate garage). I am experiencing problems with one device inside the house (same floor as the controller, but at the edge of the network - a Fibaro dimmer 2) and one device in the garage (an aeon labs meter switch).

The devices work fine with the Zway controller software using the same hardware, but in openHAB i cannot get reliable switching of the garage aeon labs metering switch (and the fiber dimmer does not respond at all at the moment). I am aware of the issue in the z-wave binding and rasperry pi - but are there anything I can try to remedy the situation? I am getting timeout errors, and while the GUI may sometimes keep the switch in the ON state, the device is not actually started.

I’ve done all the performance enhancements suggested in the Docs for raspberry pi and removed all bindings that I am not using at the moment, but I also feel that maybe the performance of the pi is not the main issue here.

Hmm, most likely it’s a radio range problem. Strange to see Zway does work and openhab does not. Maybe have tweaked some radio related parameter that openhab does not touch, but I don’t know of any such parameter you could change.
If possible, physically take your Pi close to those failing devices (using WLAN && have it battery powered) to see if that improves the situation.
Check the routing table. My guess it that the controller tries to directly communicate with those failing devices, but radio strength is too low for that to work reliably, still too good to trigger a change to the routing table to have the controller drop the direct route and just communicate indirectly.
Try enforcing that. Do a node and/or network heal via habmin. Eventually remove the devices from the mesh using zway software (it removes them from the controller’s routing table). Stop zway, start openhab and re-include those two failing devices from habmin to enforce re-generation of mesh routing table.