App Alexa or Echo device

Hello everybody,
I recently arrived at OpenHabian3 with the aim of controlling a remote control for awnings “Somfy Situo 5 IO pure 868.95 MHz io-homecontrol” via a nodeMcu (Development Kit ESP8266), avoiding the use of the expensive Somfy hub.
The nodeMcu was flashed with Tasmota 9.3.1 (base Sonoff T1 3CH Module).
I installed openHAB 3.0.1 (openhabian) on Raspberry3, and happily activated the Up, Stop, Down commands.
Now I would like to add the ability to operate the commands even with Alexa, I don’t have Echo devices (the curtains are not in my house) and I am a bit lost.
In the meantime, let’s see if the architecture I have in mind is correct:

  1. The echo device receives a voice command
  2. which is processed in the Cloud
  3. transmitted to myOpenhab
  4. which passes it to OpenHab
  5. which passes it to MQTT
  6. last to nodeMcu
  7. that ‘presses’ the keys of the Somfy remote control
    Steps 4) to 7) are activated and verified, otherwise, well I’m fumbling and asking for help, do I need to get an echo device? or is it enough the Amazon app that I downloaded but it got me nowhere?

Welcome to the community!

That’s pretty much how it goes, and with MQTT working you’ve already solved the hardest part of the equation. What you need now is to set up the Amazon Alexa Skill and add metadata to the openHAB items you want to control, so that Alexa can see them.

I don’t think you’ll need an Echo device so long as you can add skills through the Alexa app. However, I don’t use Alexa, so I’m just guessing at that. There are lots of folks who do use it, but this should get you started. I believe you’ll want the Blind configuration for your item metadata.

Very well, I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow!
Thank you!

Thanks to you and Marcolino76 I was able to make everything work.
Now the next move will be to use a rollershutter instead of three switches, I think I have to use the rules …

Hi @pin010,
Hi, I have a new home with Somfy Shutters. Using the exact same remote as you in your post. Basically I would like to accomplish the same thing. Using OpenHAB to control the shutters without investing in a Somfy Hub. Just to be clear, the Situo 5 is controlling the shutters directly.
So I’m pretty comfortable with tasmota but have no clue how to leverage an ESP so it can send the specific 433Mhz signal to the shutters.
I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice on what approach you took in your journey.
Thanks in advance,

Hi EdwardV,

The ESP8266 simply does NOT transmit at 833 MHz, it must work coupled to the remote control, directly interfacing the UP, DOWN and STOP buttons.
The Somfy tc also has a channel selection button that I ignored, always leaving it in position 3.
At this point you can follow the entire discussion on GitHub:
good job

Aha @pin010, Gotcha . .
Now it makes sense. I will keep searching for a way to get this doen without a wired connection into the remote control.
Thanks for sharing, appreciated.