App.bndrun does not start up on 4.0.2

Hello everyone!
I am trying to adapt my Danfoss binding for 4.0.2 . I created a new workspace (since i’m still running v3 and i need my main branch), checked out respective tags of openhab-distro and openhab-addons, did necessary modifications to my code (binding.xml → addon.xml); and now i am trying to run it and fail. app.bndrun does not start up components. After pressing “Run OSGI” i see that a console is created for the Java process in Eclipse; and everything stops. I see javaw.exe process running in process manager, but that’s all. No single sign of life is coming out of it. Web server on localhost:8080 is also inactive.
The process is running, i can now press “Stop”, but that’s the only thing i can do.
How can i diagnose this further ?

Just switched my workspace back to 3.0 and everything is fine. Any clues ?

I have occasionally found out that everything works, just startup takes about 15 minutes. Why so long ?

I suspect you face the same issue raised here.