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Problem: When using the built in commands, sendNotification and sendBroadcastNotification, the OpenHab app doesn’t give an Android Notification. Instead, the notification is only viewable with in the OpenHab app.

Expected Result: When the notification is received by the OpenHab app, an Android notification should be displayed.

Reason: Requires only one app be downloaded on the client end and does not require any additional setup for bindings.

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Maybe your phone prohibits this. Please check your app settings.

Which phone, os etc?

What does the “push notification status” in the about menu say?

And that was it. I downloaded the FOSS version from F-Droid. Still a weird behavior. All of my other F-Droid apps work just fine with notifications. Thanks for the replies.


Battery efficient notifications in real time aren’t really possible without FCM (closed source Google lib). Maybe there are ways, but I don’t know them :slight_smile:

Im not sure, perhaps looking at the code of apps on fdroid might lead to a solution (frost for facebook, qksms). Or maybe using FCM and listing the anti-feature.

Additionally, I noticed that alarms, call state, battery, and charging status can be sent from the official app. Will device location be an option soon?

FCM is a closed source library which cannot be included in an app on F-Droid.

qksms is a SMS app, so it doesn’t receive push messages over internet. Does frost display a persistent notification while running in background?

Kind of Integrate Geofence-based Presence · Issue #343 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub. There was a WIP PR once, but it didn’t get merged. It might be easier to implement it now, though.

@combative_american Do you want to test a version with notifications in the F-Droid version?

Here are the disadvantages:
Please note that you cannot change the schedule yet. For debugging purpose a click on the microphone icon checks for new notifications.

Version 2.13.1-beta supports notifications in the foss version. In the settings you need to turn them on.

@mueller-ma I have been using the openhab-Beta on android for a long time now. As of 3 days ago, I received the 2.13.1-beta release and no longer get notifications. That is, the notifications show in the notification log on the habdroid app, but, the phone does not show notifications. I have confirmed that the app does have all available permissions to display notifications. The “Push notification status” in the about seems to change state from registered with the firebase server to device registration in progress quite frequently. I don’t think that has anything to do with the phone showing notifications since I see notifications in the log.

This is most likely caused by

@mueller-ma Thanks, that does seem to be the same issue. Glad it’s not me :slight_smile:.

You’ll receive a fixed version through the play store soon.