Apple HomeKit and Google Home

It’s maybe a bit of a strange question. Currently I’m using Google Home (on my phone and nest hub screens)
Can I also connect the same devices to Apple HomeKit side-by-side? I want to have some functionality on my Apple Watch. The easiest way is to use HomeKit. :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated.

yes, sure. just add homekit metadata to the item.
e.g. i use alexa and homekit. looks like this

Yup, definitely. You can use any or all of homekit, google home and alexa if you choose, using the metadata setup posted above. For example I use multiple echos/alexas as voice agents in the house and garage. Homekit is configured as well to allow me to get reliable presence status and also to show status updates in carplay like when the garage door opens and closes.


Great! Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll try it out when I have some time.

I managed to add all my stuff to HomeKit. Strange thing, when I invite my wife to our “home” she get’s the message that everything is unavailable. While it’s working on my phone and watch.

Second question. Are there any alternatives to setup a Home Hub in the house other than buying stuff from Apple? :slight_smile: I already have Google nest hubs around the house. I don’t need any extra smart speakers or Apple TV.
I could maybe use an ipad, but I’ve read somewhere that they will stop allowing it to be used as a Home Hub end of this year.

im afraid there is no alternatives to apple for home hub. you need either apple tv or homepods. ipad as you have mentioned correctly will not work as hub anymore.

regarding your wife access - im assume you are in the same wifi network. as troubleshooting, please install discover app on her iphone and check whether openhab is visible (as described here HomeKit Add-on - System Integrations | openHAB)

ipad still works as a hub after the most recent ios updates (I’m using it :)). I believe there are supposed to be some new features in an upcoming release that won’t work on it, but otherwise it still works.

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