Apple TV + Homekit integration: Will an Apple TV solve delays?

just a question, not a big issue :slight_smile:
I use OH 3.1 with many Homematic devices and I have an iPhone. The homekit integration of OH works. But every time I open the conrol center of the iPhone, it needs 2 seconds or so to refresh the status of the devices. So they are shown offline first, then after about 2 seconds I see the actual state.

Now my question: If I get an Apple TV, which acts like a homekit bridge as I understand. Will this behaviour be better or will it be unchanged?


I do have an Apple TV box (HD version, 4th generation), but I have the same behavior. I do not have the Openhab homekit integration, but my Philips Hue lights were automatically integrated into Apple home. For the hue lights the status update also takes a short time and is not instant. So I suppose it is just the Apple home behavior and does not depend on whether you have an Apple TV box or not.

Thanks for your reply. That helps. That helps with not getting one then :grin: