Apple Watch does not display content

and another one: I see almost no communication regarding Apple Watch, only found some older threads. Maybe, this because everyone is using Apple Homekit on Apple Watch?

Anyhow - found some information that for the Apple Watch App you have to define a Sitemap with ID and Label (I assume this does not matter) “Watch”. That is what I did, and now the app opens without error but also without displaying any of the items I have defined in that Sitemap.

Any suggestions?

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Hello everyone,
I would have also a question regarding the Apple Watch app - even after setting up a sitemap with ID “watch” and label “Watch” the app on the watch gives the following error “Response status code was unacceptable: 404.” On the iPhone the sitemap is shown correctly.
Thank you for your support in advance!

hello, did you then solve this problem?

Hi Meco880,

yes, partly only, though. I had to set it up directly in the file system not via the user interface - then it works, but only in the local Wi-Fi network (error message: “Response status code was unacceptable: 401.”). Notifications always work on the Apple Watch, regardless of network/internet connection type. On the iPhone it works in the local Wi-Fi as well as via the If someone from the community knows why it does not work on the Apple Watch over the cloud, I would very much appreciate sharing.


likewise for me (see this thread Apple watch - #3 by NCO). You have to setup the sitemap in the file system (not via the OH3 UI), then all works fine. For me, also remote access works.
Hope this helps

My watch app is working fine while iPhone is in the local WIFI. But it still doesn’t work via th cloud.
In the meantime, has anyone figured out how to solve the problem with the error "Response status code was unacceptable: 401."?

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