Apple Watch does not display content

and another one: I see almost no communication regarding Apple Watch, only found some older threads. Maybe, this because everyone is using Apple Homekit on Apple Watch?

Anyhow - found some information that for the Apple Watch App you have to define a Sitemap with ID and Label (I assume this does not matter) “Watch”. That is what I did, and now the app opens without error but also without displaying any of the items I have defined in that Sitemap.

Any suggestions?

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Hello everyone,
I would have also a question regarding the Apple Watch app - even after setting up a sitemap with ID “watch” and label “Watch” the app on the watch gives the following error “Response status code was unacceptable: 404.” On the iPhone the sitemap is shown correctly.
Thank you for your support in advance!

hello, did you then solve this problem?

Hi Meco880,

yes, partly only, though. I had to set it up directly in the file system not via the user interface - then it works, but only in the local Wi-Fi network (error message: “Response status code was unacceptable: 401.”). Notifications always work on the Apple Watch, regardless of network/internet connection type. On the iPhone it works in the local Wi-Fi as well as via the If someone from the community knows why it does not work on the Apple Watch over the cloud, I would very much appreciate sharing.


likewise for me (see this thread Apple watch - #3 by NCO). You have to setup the sitemap in the file system (not via the OH3 UI), then all works fine. For me, also remote access works.
Hope this helps