Apple watch sitemap issues

not sure since when/which update, I am observing some strange behavior of my OpenHAB on Apple watches:

  1. icons not displayed (yes, I saw this is already discussed in a parallel thread, and pending some action on Apple side)
  2. some (but not all) switches are not showing the correct status. while for some items this works just fine as always, for others it doesn’t and the status is not displayed correctly. It seems (but not sure that is true) this defect is for all my hue bulbs only.
  3. strange enough, when I switch to that “watch” sitemap on an iPhone in the OpenHAB app, the entire sitemap does just what it is supposed to do - including icons showing, and correct status of all switches.

See attached two screenshots for example: the first bulb labelled “Stehlampe” is turned on and at 100% in the iPhone app, but shows as turned off (but still at 100%) on the watch.

anyone an idea why?